Vinyl Cats

The Vinyl Cats is the musical collaboration of Ken Simpson (guitar, vocals) and his 16 year old son, Patrick (piano, vocals). The two perform songs from Simpson’s catalogue as well as cover songs that the two work hard to choose carefully. “We’ve covered songs from bands like Radiohead, The Kinks and The Beatles,” Ken says. “Really, anything with a cool melody that makes sense for a piano/guitar combo is fair game”! The elder Simpson has played with Neil Innes (The Rutles, Monty Python, Bonzo Dog Band) and has released a CD of his own material called “You’re No Fun Anymore”.

The two musicians have teamed up on (an online concert venue) and at the Maumee Summer Fair for the past 2 years. Recently, they opened for the highly regarded Irish pop band Pugwash. “Our goal here is to spend some creative time with each other,” Simpson says. “At the same time, we are both learning to appreciate new music from each other that we might never have heard on our own.”

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