Ryan Dunlap

Ryan Dunlap is a 28 year old singer/songwriter from Perrysburg Ohio.

His first album, released in 2011 and titled: “Sometimes The Worlds Just Ugly.”

Ryan has had to undergo multiple operations on his eyes due to a rare congenital eye condition called Cadorax. Subsequently, complications have stemmed from those surgeries including an aggressive form of glaucoma that has resulted in Ryan losing all vision in his right eye. In spite of this, Ryan has not let this get in the way of him making music and regularly playing in front of others. He most recently managed to get himself to and from Ohio to Austin, TX to play in showcases at SXSW all on his own.

In 2014, Ryan released his second full length album, “It Is What It Is.” In less than a year this album has found him new fans across the country and has led to invitations to play in New York, Chicago, and Austin, TX. This year, he was selected to be a featured artist on Reverbnation which resulted in Ryan being showcased at several music conferences as well as having recently performed on the legendary NYC stage at “The Bitter End” where he brought the house down.

Ryan continues to write, record, and tour in spite of the ongoing challenges he has before him. What he wants people to take away from his music is that in-spite of the life’s obstacles, its’ ups and downs, and seemingly devastating setbacks at times, that there are good people, much love, and wondrous things in this world to marvel upon.

Check out his music at:  Reverbnation